MoMoAth on the road to Barcelona – MWC13

MoMoAth_MWC13As many of you already know between the 25th and 28th of February 2013 the heart of the mobile community will be beating in Barcelona. With great pleasure we would like to announce that Mobile Monday Athens will be taking part at this year’s MWC in Barcelona, through the Greek Pavilion  Greece is participating for the first time at this important event, representing some major Greek innovative companies and we’re thrilled to be part of this dynamic delegation, with our own stand under the Greek Pavilion at Hall8.1K30.


The Greek mobile startup community @ MWC’13

So, in order to support our very own mobile community we have decided to represent all those startups that are willing to follow us under the notion:- The Greek mobile startup community @ MWC’13.  The app will continue to exist even after MWC and we hope that teams -that travel abroad- will take it upon themselves to showcase the Greek startup community. So if you have a startup and if we’ve seen you somewhere around, do join.

If you want to download the app for the iPhone look it up under ‘Greek Startups’. It will be available for web before we leave for Barcelona, probably tomorrow 21/2. Soon it will be available in Android by the guys at Jupitee.

GreekStartups_momoath_appThe startups that joined our Greek Startups app with a video will have it played on our MWC booth TV screen, in a loop.  When people ask us, we will be able to showcase what you all do.

Of course we’ll be everywhere and I can confirm that the events are in the tens outside the exhibition. It’s awesome that we will have an app to show it all from the palm of our hands.



Any questions?

Ask us at [email protected] or on twitter @momoath



Our Sponsors to whom we are grateful, since they made this journey for us feasible!










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