MoMoAth ‘Greek Startups’ App for MWC 2013. Join us!

greek-startupsMoMoAthens is building the Greek Startups application that will showcase our community during the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. We want people to use the app before the exhibition, during and after.

And because we don’t actually develop apps we asked the help of a very smart company, called Jupitee, to lend us a hand. They’ve already done all the hard work developing the Jupitee platform and are willing to set it up and keep it going even after the MWC’13!

The much needed third partner in all this effort is They’ve been keeping track of the startup scene for quite a while now and who better to join forces with. Let’s keep it all together under one roof.

logo-white-horz GreekStartups_logo

We need you and your Startup!


Send us the requested details and we’ll put it all in there. Each Startup will have its own page with relevant look and feel. So, just wisk through the stuff we’re asking for and fill in all the fields. We will promote all Startups equally during the exhibition.

The submission form can be found here but catch a glimpse of what we’re asking below.


Name of Startup:
Where have we heard of you?: Open Coffee, Startup Weekend, Funded by, Techcrunch wrote about me, My grandmother is the only person who knows about me…Don’t be shy, tell us how you came to be about and what you have been up to.
Company registered: Yes or No Won’t be published
Logo: Yes, we want a good quality high resolution, large logo…not a stamp! 300dpi .EPS width will do fine, even for offset printing. Upload and input the link for us to download, here.


Description of business: Think it over and give us your best description in undr 200 words.
Link: Give us a link you want the page to point to…you might want to consider setting up a landing page relevant to MWC’13
Twitter handler:
Facebook Page:
Contact email:
Video: All participating startups will have to give us a short presentation video, max.120secs. This will appear on the application but also on screen at the booth. So we mean it when we say ALL startups. Create an interesting video that shows what you do; emphasize on your logo at the beginning, since all videos will be played in sequence; and don’t forget there is a lot of noise in such a big exhibition… so sound will probably not be a strong point. Upload it to YouTube and send us the link.
Team: Names of team members, Photo, Function, LinkedIn profile
Status: bootstrapping, angel, seed, round A/B/C . Please explain whether you have received funding from any external investor or whether you are bootstraping (i.e. trying to survive with your own initial seed money and the profits your business generates). If you have received money from external investor please select accordingly if it is seed money or a financing round from a VC.
What are you looking for?: Funding, Partners, Employees, Traction
Stage: Alpha, Beta, Production
One line pitch: This is important! It will help us tell people what your startup does… really really quickly.
Colour: Give us your preferred brand color ie. #ffcc00. We want every profile in the app to be relevant to the Startup ‘look and feel’ so we will use this for your profile headers. If none entered we will use #333333.


Will you be at MWC’13? If yes, will you be available for appointments? The app will have a booking facility in the case someone wants to book an appointment with you at the booth
Do you have any relevant Announcement, concerning specific actions at MWC’13? For example, “We will be supporting the developer’s session on Tuesday 26th Feb. 16:30 at Hall 8.2″
Will you be organising any Event at MWC’13 that you want us to tell the world about? For example,  “We’ll be partying our enormous success with beers and sushi at the local Tapas bar”
Do you have an Offer for the MWC visitors? For example, “Free t-shirts for whom ever signs up at the booth” or something else more exciting that will make you stand out…
Do you have any handouts that you would like to go into the Greek Startups goody bag? You will be responsible for sending them out to Barcelona.


Everyone’s presentation counts. Make the Greek Startup community look amazing!

Complete the above on our Google form here

Any questions?

Ask us at [email protected] or on twitter @momoath

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